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Accounts Payable, Receivable & Bank Reconciliation

Accounts payable (AP) is money owed by a company to its supplier as a liability on a company's balance sheet.

Accounts Receivable (AR) is the payment which the company will receive from its customers who have bought its goods & services on credit.

In today’s challenging environment, keeping track of accounts payable and accounts receivable on your own can increase the stress and affect productivity.  It can become very difficult to keep a record of all the money which is to be paid or received.  So, to help you run your business more efficiently and more profitably, Flawless Figures offers exclusive cloud-based bookkeeping services.

The various cloud-based account software that is available to our clients ensures that invoices are sent promptly and regularly followed up – helping you to understand your cash flow and provide many different reports for you to effectively manage your cash flow.

Bank reconciliation is a method of matching the balances in an entity's accounting records to the analogous information on a bank statement. Bank reconciliation is a crucial part of the bookkeeping process and ensures that all data entered is accurate.  We can reconcile your bank accounts for you and follow up any discrepancies in a timely manner – making sure that a company's financial records are correct.

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